Display Your Favourite Music with jQuery & Last.fm

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      Use the power of jQuery and the handy last.fm records plugin to              create a showcase of your favourite music on your website. We’ll install the plugins to fetch the information from the Last.fm website, then style up the design with a cool retro vinyl record theme.


Create a Vibrant Professional Web Design in Photoshop

                         Developing a workflow that lets you create web layouts quickly and easily while still satisfying your clients’ needs is crucial. In this Photoshop web design tutorial, I’ll show you a way to create a slick home page layout in the fastest time possible and with minimum web design skills. Let’s go!


Creating Abstract Geometric Artwork in Illustrator

  In this graphic design tutorial, I’ll walk you through the general process of making a design of mine called The Maker is The Destroyer. We’ll talk about creating swatches from vector objects as well as touch on Illustrator’s Pathfinder shape modes and Align Panel.


25 Free High-Quality Minimalist Icon Sets

This collection features simple and flexible icon sets that are free for you to download. These icons are suitable for many uses, such as in iOS (i.e. iPhone, iPad) and Android apps, website prototypes and wireframes, e-stores, blogs, and more. There are over 2,000 icons in this icon set collection. Please read the licensing and terms of use of the icons you intend to use.

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